CIOSP 2017

The greatest dental event in Brazil has made 60 years! The 35 edition of CIOSP occurred during the period of February 01st from 04th and was a landmark not only for the national dentistry, but also for Bio-Art. This year the company is completing 40 years. In these 4 decades Bio-Art is proud of the history it has been writing and for the contribution the company left for the dentistry market.

The consolidation of its biosafety line was one of the highlights in the Bio-Art booth, The Elite autoclave was a sale success. The company is a reference in almost everything it produces and has been concentrating its efforts on the biosafety line, keeping the standard of quality and after sales inherent to the brand.

We thank everyone who visited us during the event.

Fixed Dimensions

  1. Booth

    Intense movement
  2. Booth

    Bio-Art Team
  3. Visit

    Peruvian Teachers and Customers
  4. Visit

    Prof. Dr. Rafael Decurcio and Dr. Henrique Piccin
  5. Visit

    International Customers
  6. Visit

    Prof. Dr. João Alberto Martinez
  7. Visit

  8. Visit

    Profs. Dr. Pedro P. Feltrin e Dr. João Palmieri
  9. Partnership

    Dra. Elisabete (Be Flash)
  10. Visit

    Profas. Dra. Regina (USP) and Dra. Renata (AORP) from Rib. Preto
  11. Visit

    Profa. Dra. Simone Oliveira
  12. Visit

    Prof. Angelo Rossetti
  13. Visit

    Profs. TPD’s and Dealers
  14. Partnership

    CAD-CAM with the company Tecnodrill
  15. Visit

    Profs. Dr. Felipe Miguel and Dr. Alexandre

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