Microjato Standard

  • Microretentions;
  • Cement removal of metal, resin and other materials crowns;
  • Internal cleaning of "inlay-onlay" of resin and ceramic;
  • Cleaning and degreasing of metal and ceramic when using the practice of "intra-oral ceramic repair";
  • Occlusal sandblasting for fine adjustment, replacing the use of carbon;
  • Internal evidentness for adjustment and placement of crown;
  • Adjustment of interproximal contacts;
  • Cleaning of casting parts;
  • Oxide removal.


Supplied with Coupling to adapt to the air compressor and with handpiece connector Borden or Midwest type.

Microblaster Standard Model 



It has 1 sand nozzle with angle of 138º.








Microblaster CE Version Device suitable only for external blasting and can not be used for intra-oral applications.


Microblaster Plus Model

It has 2 changeables and autoclavables sand nozzles, with angle of 90º (for posterior teeth use) and 138º (for anterior teeth use).

Fixed Dimensions

  1. Carbine needle

    Longer service life and precise blasting
  2. Supplied with Quick Coupling

    Easily adapt to the air compressor
  3. Several Applications

    Versatile at the dental office and laboratory
  4. Aluminum oxide

    50, 90 and 120 microns
  5. Blasting

    Creation of micro-retention and cleaning

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