Ultrasonic Machine


Lavadora Biowash STD

  • Optimizes and speeds up the process of washing devices, prostheses and instruments in general.
  • Cleaning in hard-to-get places
  • Removal of organic and non-organic residues impregnated on instruments
  • Avoids premature wear of instruments sharpness caused by abrasion of manual methods



• Sink with 2.5 liter capacity

• Downwinding timer with time adjustment

• Ultrasound frequency of 42 Khz.

• Packing dimensions: (CxLxH) 35x25x23 cm

• Weight: 3,1 Kg.

• Supplied with plastic basket.



Fixed Dimensions

  1. Digital timer

    Cleaning time control
  2. Heating system

    Facilitates removal of waste
  3. Ultrasonic frequency of 42 Khz

    Removal of chemical and organic residues

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