Milling Machine

1000 N Machine


The innovative technology of Bio-Art milling machine ensures high precision work on fixed and removable protheses and fittings. The articulated and/or fixed arm is equipped with a micrometer, providing a high precision vertical movement. It is supplied with fixed and/or mobile table, a standard set of gauge tips and a rod with a mandrel for wax outlining and milling. The column height is adjustable and the milling machine is robust, made of hard aluminum, with an imposing yet compact design that ensures long durability.


  • The arm´s head is designed to adapt to most micromotor models available on the market;
  • Electrostatic paint finish;
  • Micromotor (optional);
  • Low cost;
  • Dimensions: (CxLxH) 29,0 x 26,0 x 39,0 cm;
  • Weight: 6 Kg.





  Rod with mandrel 









Standard set of gauge tips









Special Gauge Kit - Graduated rod with ring (optional) 



Fixed Dimensions

  1. Milling

  2. Milling

  3. Conjugated working

    RPR and FPFs
  4. Implant Prosthodontics

    MK1 System
  5. Micrometric vertical movement

  6. Table support

    Three-dimensional adjustment
  7. Handpiece / micromotor support

    Designed to adapt to the most micromotor models available on the market

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