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Autoclave Elite

Developed and manufactured in Brazil, the Autoclave model Elite provides excellent use of its internal space without occupying a large space in your clinic. Compact outside and spacious inside!


Its exclusive chamber of 17 litters has the same diameter than the chambers of 21 litters, granting the sterilization of surgical kit and other materials that occupy the same space. 


The device is supplied with 02 trays, but has a support that holds up to 04 trays simultaneously.


The Autoclave Elite is easy to operate. When a cycle is selected, all parameters are programmed automatically.




Technical Characteristics:

Capacity: 17 liters

Dryness system: Closed door

Chamber: Stainless Steel (single piece) without internal weld

Chamber Dimensions: 25cm Diameter x 34cm Depth

Trays: Supplied with 02 trays in stainless steel (holds up to 04 trays)

Sterilization: 121°C and 134°C

External Dimensions: Width 35,5cm / Height 37 cm / Depth 52,5  cm

Display: LCD Illuminated

Structure: Cabinet, door and handle in engineering polymer. Base with treatment against corrosion

Thermal Insulation: Ceramic fiber

Power Consumption: 1400W

Warranty: 2 Years

Voltage available: 127 or 220 v





Compact cabinet:

35 x 37 x 52cm (W x H x D).

Compact on the outside. The external dimensions of the ELITE 17L Autoclave are similar to most 12-liter models


17 liter tank

Big on the inside. Diameter equivalent to 21 liter autoclaves, allowing the sterilization of surgical kits and many materials/instrumental sizes


ABS polymer cabinet

Provides greater lightness and less heat dissipation, reducing cabinet external temperatures during operation.


Stainless Steel Tank and Lid

(AISI 304) with 2.5 mm thick plates

Greater safety and durability


Seamless tank (without welding)

It increases the safety factor and the product's service life (avoiding weak points and oxidations).


Mechanical door locking system

It has a locking system that prevents opening during the sterilization cycle for safer operation.


Stainless steel "Cartridge" heating coils (AISI 304)

Better efficiency (power x heat transfer ratio) and longer durability.


Tank thermal coating made of ceramic fiber

Better thermal insulation, avoiding the dissipation of internal temperatures to the external environment.


Temperature sensor type "PT-100 Thermoresistance"

Accuracy in temperature readings and longer sensor durability.


CE certified solenoid valve

Quality and durability due to its construction features and origin (European market).


User friendly interface

LCD display shows strictly necessary and easy to understand information and interacts with the user.


Preventive maintenance notices

Visual and audible warning to perform preventive maintenance.


Drying process with closed door.

Efficient drying of any type of load, provided that within the specifications and capacity defined by the manufacturer.


Gravity deaeration and drying valve.

A mechanical valve that allows the removal of air from inside the chamber at the beginning of the sterilization cycle assisting in the output of steam in the drying phase.


Electronic control circuit with PID logic

Greater precision in controlling the sterilization process.


Trays made of anodised aluminum

They allow greater thermal dissipation favoring the drying process of the load.


Envelope tray bracing

Designed for a better use of the internal space of the tank.


A sintered filter in the water outlet of the tank

It prevents dirt from entering the pipeline, preventing clogging and/or malfunction of the equipment.


Mechanical overpressure safety valve

It acts whenever the internal pressure of the chamber exceeds the maximum safety limits.


Exclusive silicone seal ring

Its design makes it possible to depressurize the chamber in case of mechanical overpressure valve failure.


Resistors with independent thermostats for thermal protection

Greater precision and safety in case of failures in the electronic control circuit.


Electrical protection fuse

It acts for the protection of the electrical system in case of failure or overvoltage.


Solenoid Valve (Normally Open)

Automatically depressurises the equipment in cases of power failure, providing greater safety.


Electronic fault detection system

It monitors the temperature and pressure conditions inside the tank and show the fault message on the display.


Warning signs

It has labels attached to specific places of the equipment warning the user about precautions to be taken in the operation of the product.


Accompanying documents

The instruction manual and a detailed explanatory leaflet for the installation of the equipment with simplified didactics to assist the user in the use and safety of the product.


Fixed Dimensions

  1. LCD

  2. Comes with 2 trays

    1 Big and 1 Small
  3. Holds up 3 trays

    Supported horizontally
  4. Holds up 4 trays

    With vertical support
  5. Chamber

    Stainless steel (solderless)
  6. Monoblock structure

    Developed with top quality components

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