Schuler Wax

Granules Dental Waxes

These waxes ensure a fast and accurate work, once the granules when picked allows an exact dosage of the desired amount of wax even in low temperatures, especially when used with a thermo-electric spatula. Tradition and high quality proved in experiments and tests.


Blue Wax: Hard-Elastic (Working temperature 54ºC)

Higher strength due its hardness and elasticity, is suitable for acrylic crowns and bridges, veneer and fully pressed ceramics. Good identification of contours due its opaque and intense coloration.

Content 125g



Gree Wax: Medium-Hard (Working temperature 57ºC)

With a smoother consistency of medium hardness, this wax exhibits a lower deformation which is indicated for all procedures in the casting technique.

Content 125g

Beige Wax: Aesthetics (Working temperature 61ºC)

Closer to tooth texture is indicated for mockup waxing. It is also differentiated by its low shrinkage, improved flow properties for sculpture and high surface density.

Content 125g

Grey Wax: Diagnostic Waxing (Working temperature 61ºC)

Ideal for waxing and anatomical sculpture. Its opacity allows a better visualization of the dental surface, emphasizing the texture and differentiating the work. Also suitable for fully pressed ceramic.

Content 125g

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