Articulator Accessories


New Case

With modern design and fittings compatible with all models of Bio-Art articulators and facebows, the new case enables safe transport and storage of mounted plaster models. It has also an exclusive space for accessories.

Fork Support

Through its vertical adjusting (height), the fork support is used “as a wedge” during the mounting of the upper cast when it is performed with the face-bow. The fork support allows greater stability of the register, avoiding unpleasant distortions.

Camper's Table

The camper's table is a support used to a standardized mounting (15º) of the upper cast in the articulator. It has medians, laterals and anterior reference lines for plaster cast positioning (alignment).

Toothless Fork (Conti)

The toothless fork is an accessory of the face-bow that holds two adjustable rods to adapt in the alveolar fold of totally edentureless (wax plan) and also dentate patients with different dental arc width.
It was idealized and built through clinical experiences realized in the University of São Paulo – Dental School of Bauru by Prof. Dr. Conti.

Fox Ruler

The fox ruler is used in the adjustment of the upper wax roller in total prostheses for determination of the occlusal (camper) and horizontal (interpupil) plans.

Adjustable Incisal Table

The adjustable incisal table is used in process of teeth balancing, allowing the personalization of the anterior guide through its lateral walls and antero-posterior adjustable plans.

Rail Mounting Plate

The rail mounting plate was designed to allow the removal of the plaster cast through its sliding, thus without the inconvenient necessity to break the plaster. Its retention system consists in fixing the plaster on the inclined walls of the rail design. 


Click here to access the instructions manual of the Rail Mounting Plate

Magnetic Mounting Plate

The magnetic mounting plate is used to allow a fast exchange of plaster casts in the articulator, providing greater functionality and agility to work with several clinical cases at the same time. The use of the magnetic mounting plate eliminates the need of breaking the plaster casts for further reutilization of the plate.

PS.: The magnetic mounting plates are not interchangeble. 

Click here to access the instructions manual of the magnetic mounting plate 

Mounting Plate (metallic)

Traditional model with screw fixation.

Adjustable Platform

It is an accessory that allows repositioning of the casts in the articulator (Casts Surgery) with measures registration, granting faster, easier and secure visualization of the results.

Click here to access the instruction manual of the adjustable platform

Broadrick Flag

It is used for analysis and determination of posterior occlusal plan in oral rehabilitation cases.

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