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Clínical Cases

Device for Determination of Medium Curves Compensation

Prof. Dr. Ricardo Passadore

Technical Mounting of Study Casts in Semi-Adjustable Articulators

Prof. Dr. Pedro Paulo Feltrin

Technical mounting of study casts in Semi-Adjustable articulators for measuring occlusal interference in post orthodontic treatment patients. Team: Prof. Dr. Artemio Zanetti, Prof. Dr. Pedro Paulo Feltrin, Mestrando C.D. Noroel R. da Silva, Mestranda C.D. Fabiola B. Carneiro.

Oral Rehabilitation with Implants

Prof. Dr. Matheus Guilherme Lucas

Prosthesis over 4 implants with attachments in the distals of the bar (MK 1) and conventional upper denture.

Mounting in Semi-adjustable Articulator for Occlusal Evaluation

Prof. Dr. Paulo Vicente Rocha

The mounting allows occlusal evaluation, where discrepancies caused by contacts or interferences in centric can be identified. This analysis allows the professional to gauge how far it is possible to make occlusal adjustment, measuring the degree of wear as well as its possibility or even justify the forwarding of the patient to orthodontic treatment.

Assistance to patients with Temporomandibular Disorders

Prof. Dr. Douglas Benedecti

Patient with temporomandibular disorder, of articular origin with disc reduction - A Multidisciplinary Overview.

Trays for Dental Whitening

Prof. Dr. Heraldo Riehl

Step by step making of whitening trays using the vacuum forming machine Plastvac P7.

Image analysis of the occlusal contacts using the mouth and the verticulator as a parameter.

Dr. Guilherme Campos Vieira

Reproduction of contact points from the occlusal surface.


TPD Geraldo Silveira / Dr. Henrique J. Piccin

Didactic movie for the confection of personalized mouthguards

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